Knallfabet Podcast Mai 2015 :: Slamszene Hessen

Live-Gast: Jean Ricon
Moderation: Dirk Hülstrunk
Musikauswahl: Oliver Lauberger

Wir wollen in lockerer Folge Akteure der Slamszene Hessen vorstellen, Poeten, Veranstalter. Dieses Jahr ist der Hessenslam zu Gast in Frankfurt, die Meisterschaft aller hessischen Poetry Slams. Motor hinter dem diesjährigen Hessenslam ist der Autor und Veranstalter Jean Ricon.




The Underground Collective – Mixtape Volume 2
Vereinigte Staaten – Mendocino
BoxCarJoe is an all around Musician, DJ, Performer, Songwriter, and Producer. His songs catch the ears of new artists, hip-hop musicians, and songwriters of many different styles. Box Car Joe is a musical renaissance man, using anything to create his music, he is the future of Hip-Hop.In the year 2000, He formed FreeBox Records and The Underground Collective with Ford word Cliff notes, a long time friend, and musical inspiration.Based on the West Coast, from Oregon, to Los Angeles, BoxCarJoe and The Underground Collective are the new sound of Hip-Hop. Reviewers as have described their music „…Original and different…” You will find fans of many music genres in an audience gathered to hear BoxCarJoe and the Underground Collective perform.
Band/Album: The Underground Collective – Mixtape Volume 2
Lizenz: Creative Commons – CC BY-SA 3.0
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Redaktion/Moderation: Dirk Hülstrunk,
Musikauswahl: Oliver Lauberger