Knallfabet-Podcast Oktober 2012 :: How Do You Organize Your Days As A Freelance Artist?

Hosted by Dirk Huelstrunk.
Interviews with Marion Maisano (Switzerland), Anne Breymann (Germany), Tsuji Takafunmi (Japan), Milla Koistinen (Finnland), Martina Marti (Switzerland/Finnland), Riikka Mäkikoskela (Finnland).
Music by Tsuji Takafumi.


How do you organize your work day & your free time if there are no regular office hours. How do you motivate yourself if there is no boss. Especially in the creative work you can´t rely too much on  routines. You always have to come up with new ideas. But how to get ideas? These are some of the questions German Soundpoet and writer Dirk Huelstrunk was asking his six fellow artists from different fields & countries he met at Saari Residency where they are working for two months.

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Redaktion/Moderation: Dirk Hülstrunk, Musikauswahl: Oliver Lauberger