Poetry Slam Frankfurt Buchmesse 1

Poetry Slam Frankfurt – Live auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse
Freitag, 8.10., 16-17 Uhr
Lesezelt, Forum (Buchmessengelände)
Special Guest: Sabrina Gilbert (USA)


ACHTUNG: diese Veranstaltung ist nur Fachbesucher der Messe zugänglich

Sabrina Gilbert Info:

Upcoming actress and poet Sabrina Gilbert has performed at college conferences, venues and theaters all over the country. She continues to push the envelope in her work as she allows her writing to constantly evolve and defy the laws of gravity. In 2008 she became the Grand Slam Champion of Slam Richmond’s 2008 team, making her the first woman to do so! She also helped start Lyric Ave in 2003, which today is the largest poetry show on the east coast (consistently serving an audience of over 800 people). Sabrina is definitely a hard worker as she is currently on a 2010 tour (that started on the east coast and will extend to the west coast, Canada and Europe) and preparing for the world premiere of her spoken word music video ‘Promise’ scheduled to release the summer of 2010. For more information visit